The company (Enan Al-Sakeb Contracting and General Trade) was established, after a period of perseverance and insistence on expansion and development, after implementing and equipping several construction, electrical, and commercial projects, in 2009. Emad Mohammed Hassan Al-Hussein, held the position of Managing Director for the years (2011 - 2013).) to commence work in the field of general construction contracting, electrical and mechanical works, and the processing of goods and services. Several successful projects have been implemented with state departments, especially with (the Nineveh Health Department) including the establishment of health centres and prefabricated health homes for all districts and districts of Nineveh Governorate, the construction, rehabilitation and equipment of transmission and distribution lines of electric power, and the supply and implementation of nutrition sources for voltage stations (11 kV, 33 kV and 132 kV).

Enan Al-Sakeb Contracting and General Trade

(The Previous Company).